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Success for the Future

All parents strive for success when it comes to their children.  Parents rightfully believe that a successful child will lead to a successful and happy adult.  But how is success created?  We believe we can lead students in the right direction by teaching them how to learn.  We teach students the skills they need so that they are set up for success.  We have several areas of instruction that deal with critical thinking skills necessary in the real world, such as our Practical Life area.  Incorporated in the Montessori Method are various areas (i.e. math area, sensorial area) where children work on tasks independently.  A child who can work independently proves that they have mastered a problem or task.  Maria Montessori quoted that the greatest sign of success for a teacher comes when the teacher is able to say, “The children are now working as if I did not exist.”  Children cannot work on Montessori Materials unless they have the knowledge and understanding of how to complete the task at hand.  Our teachers—who are all trained in the Montessori Method—aim to help their students blossom into happy and successful children now in the hopes that they will be happy and successful adults later.