Aug 21, 2019 - Wednesday
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Ms. Luisa


Ms. Luisa has been an essential cornerstone in the success of Montessori Children’s Academy.  She has been a director at this school for nearly 20 years.  Her passion for children and education is undeniable.  Ms. Luisa became an educator to provide children with the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.   Ms. Luisa has undergone a rigorous training to become certified to teach the appropriate use of Montessori Materials.  One of her major responsibilities at our school is to train all teachers how to properly use all Montessori Materials.  She is a vital member of our team.

Fun facts about Ms Luisa:

  • Ms. Luisa’s favorite subjects in school were geography and history
  • Her favorite activity to do with kids is spend quality time with them while teaching the Montessori Materials
  • If she could travel to anyplace in the world, she would go to Canada