Aug 21, 2019 - Wednesday
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Ms. Feri


Ms. Feri has been working in education for decades.  As both an administrator and an educator, she is loved and respected.  Ms. Feri received her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University.  She has worked with children her entire life.  As an educator, she has a passion for learning and teaching.  Although Montessori Children’s Academy has been in Downey since 1968, Ms. Feri did not become the administrator until 1996.  She performed a complete makeover on the school, both in terms of appearance and in terms of academics.  The school received a much needed makeover and received new materials, new furniture, and a new curriculum.  Through her perseverance, Ms. Feri proudly lifted Montessori Children’s Academy to become one of the best private schools in the area.  Her success didn’t stop in Downey; in 2006, Ms. Feri founded our sister school, South Gate Montessori.  The success of both schools are, without a doubt, a direct result of Ms. Feri’s dedication and passion for children and education.