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Our Administration

Ms. Feri


Ms. Feri has been working in education for decades.  As both an administrator and an educator, she is loved and respected.  Ms. Feri received her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University.  She has worked with children her entire life.  As an educator, she has a passion for learning and teaching.  Although Montessori Children’s Academy has been in Downey since 1968, Ms. Feri did not become the administrator until 1996.  She performed a complete makeover on the school, both in terms of appearance and in terms of

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Ms. Luisa


Ms. Luisa has been an essential cornerstone in the success of Montessori Children’s Academy.  She has been a director at this school for nearly 20 years.  Her passion for children and education is undeniable.  Ms. Luisa became an educator to provide children with the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.   Ms. Luisa has undergone a rigorous training to become certified to teach the appropriate use of Montessori Materials.  One of her major responsibilities at our school is to train all teachers how to properly use all Montessori Materials.  She is

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Ms. Elia


Ms. Elia began working in Montessori Children’s Academy through an ROP program while still enrolled in high school.  She has really come a long way!  She proved herself to be an empathic, caring, nurturing young individual with a drive to be an educator.  She is loved and respected by those who work with her and by those who learn from her.  With over a decade of experience in the field of education, we are proud to have Ms. Elia as the director of South Gate Montessori.  She is compassionate and children

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What Our Parent's Say

My daughter loves going to this school. The teachers are fabulous, very caring and focused on my child’s academic, social and overall learning skills. Her Pre-K experience was outstanding and now that she’s in kindergarten, she is experiencing growth in reading, writing and social skills.  I like the fact that they have a chef to cater meals for all the children.  The school is so CLEAN!  This is an elite private school in Downey — Ms.Dey, President, Iffel International Inc.

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What Our Student's Think

I like Montessori because it’s a great place to learn.  My favorite subject is math.  My teacher is very nice to everyone.  I learned so much from Montessori that I will be a great expert at everything when I grow up.  When I grow up, I want to be a singer and a teacher.

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