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South Gate

Ms. Rachel


Ms. Rachel has been an educator for nearly two decades.  There is no doubt that Ms. Rachel loves being in the classroom; she chose to become a teacher because it simply makes her the happiest.  To her, teaching children is fulfilling.  She wants to make sure she gives her best to her students because she believes that they are the only hope for humanity’s future.  Similarly, this was a concept Maria Montessori’s believed as well.  Our students enjoy Ms. Rachel as a teacher and we do too. Some fun facts about Ms. Rachel:

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Ms. Angie


Ms. Angie is one of our newer staff members.  She chose teaching as a profession because there is nothing she enjoys more than working with young children.  Her goal as a teacher is to help inspire children.  She hopes that by doing so, she will help make the world a better place. Some fun facts about Ms. Angie: Her favorite subject is world history She would love to travel all throughout Europe Ms. Angie’s favorite activity with the children is making arts and crafts She enjoys yoga and greek dancing

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What Our Parent's Say

My daughter loves going to this school. The teachers are fabulous, very caring and focused on my child’s academic, social and overall learning skills. Her Pre-K experience was outstanding and now that she’s in kindergarten, she is experiencing growth in reading, writing and social skills.  I like the fact that they have a chef to cater meals for all the children.  The school is so CLEAN!  This is an elite private school in Downey — Ms.Dey, President, Iffel International Inc.

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What Our Student's Think

I like Montessori because it’s a great place to learn.  My favorite subject is math.  My teacher is very nice to everyone.  I learned so much from Montessori that I will be a great expert at everything when I grow up.  When I grow up, I want to be a singer and a teacher.

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