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MCA: 46 years in Downey!

  • Posted On: October 08,2014
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MCA: 46 years in Downey!

It was October 1st of 1968 when Montessori Children’s Academy first opened its doors in Downey, CA.  Dr. Maria Montessori’s methodology of teaching was quickly becoming popular and main stream public schools started paying attention.  Dr. Montessori spent the vast majority of her life working with children.  She created what is now known as the Montessori Method.  During her time teaching children, Dr. Montessori had two firm beliefs:  one was that children learn about the world best through their senses and the second was that children should not be interrupted during learning.  Hence came Montessori Materials.  These materials are taught to children by the Montessori instructor and then the student is allowed to perform their specific task individually, without disruption.  Such tasks involve using all of the human senses and provide children with activities and lessons that will benefit them in the real world.  In addition to learning tasks for practical life, Montessori children learn to develop their social skills.  There is abundant research that shows Montessori students are more advanced both academically and emotionally than their non-Montessori counterparts.  Check out the study.


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