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1st and 2nd Grade Elementary

What is Montessori?

The Montessori method is an approach to education that emphasizes the individual potential of the young child and develop this potential by means of a unique teaching strategy utilizing special trained teacher and special teaching material. Students ages 2 to 12 progress at their own pace, using hands-on materials. And their development in gaining an ability to reason on an abstract level is rarely challenged, by stressing four pedagogical approaches, namely

  • Exercises of Practical
  • Sensorial Exercises
  • Exercises in Math
  • Reading, Language and Phonic

The young develop the natural love of learning for it is sake learn mastery of them selves and their environment, and develop powers to fit into any situation and learn in spite of everything. Thus, values such as self-discipline, self mastery and positive attitude toward learning, inculcated early and often. advocates say the Montessori students is usually more advanced than their counterparts in other schools.