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Nearly half a century ago, Montessori Children’s Academy opened its doors to offer quality education to the students and families of Downey, CA.  We are proud to be one of the best private schools in the area.  Currently, Montessori Children’s Academy accepts children from ages 2 through 12.

The name Montessori is derived from the woman who started it all: Maria Montessori.  During her time as a physician and educator, Maria Montessori observed children and concluded that the most effective way children learn is by using their hands and senses,  when they are physically active, and when they are engaged by the environment.  This philosophy of hers became known as “The Montessori Method.”

We have also discovered that a multi-age setting works best for educating children because this promotes a better working environment and offers students cooperation and social skills.

One of the goals of the Montessori Method is self directed learning.  This means that the child learns to be in charge of their own learning.  The child has a say in how they spend their time, what they do, and what they learn.  This does not mean they are free to do whatever and waste time; this means that there is freedom with responsibility.

We aim to motivate children to learn, teach children how to learn, teach them how to problem solve, and teach proper social skills such as cooperation.  These are all life skills that a child will learn in this environment that will serve them well throughout their life.